AES Cables are specialists in the removal of insulation oil from redundant high voltage power cable systems and the biological remediation of all types of oil leaks and spillages

AES Cables Ltd is a specialised environmental company who have developed a unique solution for the problem of redundant oil filled cables, tanks and ancillary equipment. Our objective is to eliminate the risk of environmental damage caused by oil leaks from old redundant underground cables, intrusion from third party excavations and vandalism. The potential financial liability and damage to corporate reputation has led to a greater awareness of the existing precarious situation that has been evolving since cables were first laid underground.

Hydrogel Purging

AES Cables have a unique patented system that is totally safe, reliable and cost effective. Utilising our Hydrogel technology, we are able to purge up to 97% of the insulation oil from power cables. The oil is recovered in an uncontaminated state so that it can be safely re-cycled without any further environmental impact. We are also able, in the majority of circumstances, to recover the oil without any intrusive operations, minimising the possible effects on local communities and transport systems.

Our system also involves utilising specific hydrocarbon degrading bacteria as a final stage treatment where the cables and equipment are being left underground. The remaining traces of oil are reduced to CO2 and water as a by-product of this biological process.

Spiking, Cutting & Capping

After our Hydrogel Purging process, we can also provide HV cable spiking, cutting and capping services to NSI5 standards where ancillary equipment such as link boxes and sealing ends are being removed and the associated purged cables are to be left buried underground.

Dismantling & Removal of Ancillary Equipment

We can arrange the dismantling, removal from site and licensed disposal of all transformers, sealing ends, oil tanks, cables, associated structures and equipment from Live Sub Stations.

Emergency Spill Clean up

Our parent company Applied Environmental Solutions provide an emergency call out service to advise and coordinate incident response measures and risk assessments following oil pollution leaks. We can also provide in-situ land remediation and clean up solutions to avoid costly removal and disposal of contaminated soils.

Examples of Previous Works

Our Group have successfully completed many contracts with key Utility and PLC companies, including the following:

• National Grid
• Electricity Alliance West
• Scottish & Southern Energy Group
• Balfour Beatty Utility Services
• Prysmian Cables
• Celtic Recycling
• Jersey Electric
• Northern Ireland Electric
• Western Power Distribution
• Suedkabel
• Siemens Transmission & Distribution
• UK Power Networks
• Electricity North West

These companies employed the expertise of AES Cables to assist them with the decommissioning of their redundant cables, oil tanks, sealing ends and ancillary equipment. As a responsible environmental group we always actively promote biological remedial solutions to oil pollution where possible. We also assist with the cleaning up of transformer oil leaks, damaged cable joints and lightning damage to terminal pole installations.

Specialist Support

AES Cables is supported by International Bio Consultancy Ltd in Derbyshire, who are long established consultants, suppliers and manufacturers of the products which are used in our biological land remediation and treatment systems. This working partnership always strives to improve and modify the products used, thus improving our company’s ability to undertake and solve the client’s spillage and waste problems in the most cost effective, environmentally safe and professional manner possible.


• AES is registered with the Environment Agency under The Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989.

• Waste Brokers and Carriers Registration Number: CB/NP3198SE
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• Achilles Suppliers Portal Number: 01/26241
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