AES Cables Limited

Providing the preferred solutions for decommissioning redundant underground high-voltage oil-filled cable systems, emergency spill cleanups and support services.

Our objective is to eliminate the risk of environmental damage caused by from oil leaks from old redundant underground power cable systems. Contamination is usually the result of natural stress from ground movement, age degradation of component materials, joint failures, intrusion from third party civil excavations or vandalism. These risks can result in heavy financial penalties, adverse publicity or even legal prosecution levied against the Utility Companies and Service Providers.

Power Cable Oil Removal

AES Cables have a unique patented system that is totally safe, reliable and cost effective. Utilising our Hydrogel Pusher and bioremediation products we are able to remove up to 97% of the oil from power cables. Our Hydrogel Pusher and Bioremediation treatment is one of the recommended methods in the National Grid PS(T)093 Policy Statement for Decommissioning Systems as a safer and more effective method than the traditional Nitrogen Purging Technique. Following Hydrogel purging, any redundant cables, oil tanks, joints and sealing ends can also be more quickly dismantled, cut up and removed as only minimal oil spill control measures will be required during these procedures.

Spiking, Cutting and Capping Services

We can also provide HV cable spiking, cutting and capping services to NSI5 standards where ancillary equipment such as link boxes and sealing ends are being removed and the associated purged cables are to be left buried underground.

Dismantling and Removal of Ancillary Equipment

We can arrange the dismantling, removal from site and licensed disposal of all transformers, sealing ends, oil tanks, cables, associated structures and equipment from Live Sub Stations.

Emergency Spill Clean Up

AES Cables have a division dedicated to rapid response emergency spill cleanup of all hazardous materials including ink, oil, chemical and solvents. We provide on-site soil sampling analysis, contaminated waste recovery, report preparation and in- situ bioremediation treatment for oil leaks along cable routes and in joint bays